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Overview of Healthcare Services We Offer

Operam Healthcare provides a variety of services to suit you and your family’s individualized needs.  Learn more about our specific services below.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t see a specific healthcare need that you would like assistance with.  Our caring experts listen to your story and help you to present it clearly to your doctors.  They help you understand your medical diagnoses or treatments, and they help you make and carry out good medical decisions with your doctors.  We have the expertise to help assure that your healthcare is personalized, high quality, and safe.

Healthcare Education Services

Information to improve your health, wellbeing and healthcare
Free or subscription information
  • Free Blog
  • Free educational videos
  • Webinars on health and healthcare issues
  • Individualized questions and answers on health and healthcare issues
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Healthcare Coaching Services

Learn how to assure high quality, safe and effective medical care
Subscription or individual services
  • Introduction to Healthcare coaching
  • Organizing your health history and narrative
  • Collaborating with you doctor or caregivers
  • Directing your own collaborative care
  • Increasing visit efficiency with an organized history and narrative
  • Attentive Listening
  • Asking good questions
  • Getting a written plan
  • Assuring good follow up
  • Mindfulness training
  • Making shared medical decisions
  • Understanding diagnostic information
  • Assessing risks, benefits and alternatives
  • Predicting what will happen next
  • Assuring medication quality and safety
  • Assuring Hospital care quality and safety
  • Assuring Chronic illness management quality and safety
  • Assuring preventive care quality and safety
  • Medical decision making risk management techniques
  • How to think scientifically
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Healthcare Advocacy Services

We can talk to your doctors with you, or for you.
Subscription or individual services
  • Presenting organized medical history and narrative to doctors
  • Quality analysis of medical therapies with you and your doctor
  • Safety analysis of medical therapies with you and your doctor
  • Streamlining medications and safety/interaction analysis
  • Assistance with sharing decisions at office visits
  • Assistance with hospital care decisions and treatments
  • Assuring smooth transitions of care
  • Assuring thorough assessment of the risks, benefits, alternatives and unknowns of tests and treatments
  • Assuring your diagnostic evaluation is complete, accurate and safe
  • Assuring effective coordination of care
  • Assuring effective communications among all caregivers
  • Assistance with planning for end of life care
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